Nora Fleming Pinstripes Bread Tray

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Not just for bread...this tray is a modern and elegant size!

We always suggest starting off a new collector with this base that can fit any occasion!

Sizing: 15" x 7 1/2"

Care & use: dishwasher & microwave safe

How it works

The Nora Fleming collection pairs traditional serving platters and home décor pieces with unique, decorative "minis" that represent holidays, themes, and occasions. Each platter and home décor piece has a hole in the rim which holds the mini, enhancing the event or occasion.

Step 1.

Select your nf base & minis

Step 2.

Dab hole in platter with water and insert mini into hole platter

Step 3.

Push mini from top then pull mini stem from under the platform rim to secure

It’s that easy!