BruMate Pour Over

By BruMate


Pour Over Brewing System

  • Includes Nesting Pour Over Cup + 100% Leakproof Pour Over Mug
  • 16oz Brewing Capacity + 4oz for Milk, Cream, etc.
  • Includes 10 Custom-Fit Biodegradable Filters
  • 6 Hours Hot / 24 Hours Cold
  • Cup Holder Friendly
  • Available in Dishwasher-Safe Finishes

The leakproof Pour Over Coffee Brewing System is made for reinventing your morning ritual. It was designed for both the coffee beginner and the experienced brewer, enabling you to create the perfect single-cup pour-over, up to 16oz, anywhere. The Pour Over is top-rack dishwasher safe and easy to store + take on-the-go so you never have to miss a drop.

Note: Includes 10 custom-fit biodegradable filters.

Specs & Fitment:

  • Capacity: 20oz functional volume: 16oz brewing capacity, 4oz for cream/milk, etc.
  • Empty Weight w/ Pour Over Nesting Cup: 1lb 3oz
  • Max Height: 7.8” (198mm)
  • Max Diameter (Body): 3.6” (91.5mm)
  • Max Width (Lid): 4.83” (123mm) Base Diameter: 2.98” (76mm)

Do not use MCT or Coconut Oil in your BrüMate products as it can damage the integrity of the leakproof seal and Tritan material.


What's included with the Pour Over?

Here's what's included with the Pour Over kit:

  • Nesting Pour Over Cup with silicone sleeve providing the ability to craft the perfect cup of coffee, anywhere.
  • 20oz triple-insulated Pour Over Mug tumbler, that's cup-holder friendly and equipped with a non-slip silicone base pad to prevent noisy dings and table rings when you rest your drink.
  • 100% Leakproof MüvTM Lid made from sustainable TritanTM, Renew with our first ever built-in, soft touch handle for easy carrying.
  • 10 custom-fit, paper filters that won’t alter the taste of your favorite coffee beans.

How do I use the Pour Over?

Check out the easy-to-follow, step-by-step video to learn how to craft the perfect pour over, anywhere.

How long can my drink stay hot in the Pour Over?

Keep your coffee hot for up to 6 hours, and your iced drinks cold for up to 24 hours.

What coffee grind is best for pour over coffee?

A medium to medium-coarse grind is best. Think sea salt. If your coffee tastes weak or sour, adjust the grind to be finer. If it is too bitter, adjust it to be coarser.

Is the Nesting Cup easy to clean?

Sure is. Simply throw away/discard the biodegradable paper filter full of coffee grinds leaving no mess or sticky grinds stuck to the Pour Over Cup.

Is the Pour Over dishwasher safe?

The Pour Over is top rack dishwasher safe, and most of the colorways are dishwasher safe (except Onyx Leopard, Gold Leopard, and Dark Aura). Simply unlatch the leakproof lid and leave it open on dishwasher top-rack while washing.

Can the Pour Over be used for liquids outside of hot coffee?

The nesting Pour Over Cup is intended for brewing hot coffee only. However, the 20oz insulated Pour Over Mug can be used with any hot, cold, and carbonated beverages.

What is the recommended ratio of coffee to water?

BruMate recommends using the 1:17 ratio of coffee to water, but you can adjust to find your desired ratio for the perfect cup. Here's a good guide.

  • 8oz = 14 grams of coffee
  • 12oz = 21 grams of coffee
  • 16oz = 28 grams of coffee

Is the Pour Over good for on-the-go?

Yep. The Pour Over features the 100% leakproof locking lid with a built-in soft touch handle so you easily carry it. It has a non-slip silicone base pad that prevents noisy dings and table rings, and it's cup holder friendly for morning commutes.

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